Solitude is Bliss
I often got puzzled or rather confused being with the term “Alone” instead of using “Solitude”.Maybe my contemplation had not arrived then, but as you know “Change is the only constant”.So did I, I am persistently converting my being into someone better. I got impatient, phases become difficult sometimes, but I don’t mute the button, keeping the sounds on. For me, my habits are growing converting into better, gracefully healed myself from a few worse habits I ruled earlier.

One more thing I’ll like to add, I learned: Previously, I took gaining knowledge/learning for granted. This hogwash thinking entirely got inverted. Learning is “Happiness”, a partner in your bad times. That whispered the beauty of Solitude into my ossicles.
I would not broach that personage, from whom I learned these skills. Meanwhile an enormous esteem to that Personage who taught me these Techniques , sometimes directly, sometimes indirectly.

Hence, We need to fetch or perceive our own being in a world of vague or litter.


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